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But then I read the letter of the mood is more heavy. At the beginning of the letter, in addition to wishing me a happy birthday and the like, and then on my bad habit of talking about Marlboro red cigarettes: Dad, you usually take care of me very well, but ignored Marlboro Buy Online their own. You always keep on smoking, keep coughing, we are very distressed. Have you ever thought about what I would do if you were ill because of smoking? Who will take care of me and my mother. Daughter's school is not too far away from home, but because of their heavy academic every one or two weeks to go home to see a parent, which makes her more than a small mind. It turned out that I am good smoking, at least three days and two packs, for many years down, down the old cough problems. In school, daughter always think of me smoking Marlboro red fierce cough appearance, so every time the phone to told me a few words of smoke less such words, telephone the Newport Wholesale head I promised to be satisfactory. In fact, at home, the old wife, daughter has said a few hundred times for Buy Cheap Tobacco me, they did not hold too much hope for me to quit smoking. For many years, I have quit smoking many times, each time to failure, two days off the smoke was hard to relapse. This does not, the school mission organization called on everyone to honor their parents, to the home of a letter is one of the activities, the daughter of the father to persuade him to give up smoking. This let me have deep feeling, in the development of electronic communications society, daughter spread out a pen and paper and wrote the truth, this is how not easy! I put her letter moment in our pockets, want to smoke Marlboro red, open the letter for her silently read, the eyes do not rise by more humid, to the idea of smoking also slowly disappear. Half a year later, I really quit Sell Cigarettes smoking, has been adhering to the down. The daughter proudly said, it is a very difficult thing #Trewzcvvbn to give up smoking. Is better than saying, Dad can do, that love letter or by transfer. He cares about me very much. In the still of the night, thinking refused to back the past, if there is a Marlboro red cigarette, a cup of fragrant wine, or thick astringent coffee, perhaps Marlboro Wholesale romantic, perhaps sad, but we can be happy, can let the mood drift and spotlessly clean. And some things, the smoke is, in the person's life winding is not clear, not abandon, you and I can not interpret smoke, may feel myself sometimes like a wisp of smoke, cannot be interpret others.

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